Joint symposium by Food Evolution Research Laboratory (FERL) and the NSSA (Northern branch)

On the 17th of October 2019 the Northern Branch hosted a joint symposium with the Food Evolution Research Laboratory (FERL) from the University of Johannesburg. The theme of the symposium was “The evolution of diets: How will technology impact our eating habits”. Speakers of the symposium was invited from different areas of interest including hospitality, dietetics and geography. The following topics were presented:

  • Food systems for sustainable diets: Transforming theoretical and practical approaches in nutrition (Dr Nicole Claasen & Dr Herman Myburgh – North West University)
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Food Systems (Ms Linda Drummond – Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant)
  • Measuring the retail food environment in Johannesburg: the use of Geographic Information Systems (Dr Bianca van der Westhuizen – Unisa)
  • Promoting healthier meals in Restaurants (Ms Akhona Melani – University of Johannesburg)
  • Food processing: friend or foe of obesity  (Ms Rebone Ntsie – Department of Health)
  • Nutrient profiling: A useful tool to combat obesity (Dr Mariaan Wicks – North West University)
  • Improvement of indigenous foods consumption in eating habits: The next technology challenge in South Africa for diet-related diseases prevention (Dr Alex Dimitri Tchuenchieu Kamgain – University of Johannesburg)
  • Do institutional deliveries affect infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices? (Dr Angeline Jeyakumar – Savitribai Pule Pune University, India).


NSSA Northern Branch committee:

Ms Marlise Korff, Dr Tertia van Zyl, Dr Bianca van der Westhuizen, Dr Zelda de Lange and Dr Elize Symington (Chair of the NSSA). Absent: Ms Maria van der Merwe